Riedel Decanter

Whether you are enjoying a wine that’s young or old, white or red, a Riedel decanter can always improve the experience. Young wines benefit from the increased aeration revealing more complexity, and opening up aromas and flavours. Older wines benefit from being separated from their sediment.

The benefits of aeration for red wine is widely known, but white wine can also benefit from this process. Many white wines, especially those, coming straight from the fridge can be a little tight and a some exposure to oxygen can free-up that extra dimension. Serving white wine from a Riedel decanter after the wine has been stored in the fridge also helps to bring the temperature up to between 7-13c, ideal for most whites. Riedel decanters come in a wide range of shapes and sizes, from the functional everyday decanter, to stunning and unique works of art. Whatever your requirements and budget, whether as a gift or for your own use, Riedel has the ideal decanter for you.

If you are unsure which Riedel decanter best suits your needs we'd be more than happy to help, just call +44(0)1737 222682 for no-pressure, informative & friendly advice from our Riedel experts.

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